Jun 18, 2008

vancouver in a day

Post Seattle, and after a side trip to Bainbridge Island to visit my friend Blaine, I met up with some friends in Vancouver.

On a side note, there was not much about Vancouver that I would go back for, but the highlight was really the VAG...or Vancouver Art Gallery (really more museum)

VAG had a pretty interesting show called "Krazy" based on comics, manga, anime and video games. Kind of a bit much, but there was some good stuff.

VAG had one room setup as a mini theater and was screening anime all day. I popped in for the final 45 minutes of Akira - one of my favorites...

A huge Mr. sculpture, the Chiho Aoshima video installation that was from Blum and Poe, and tone more.

In a side stairwell I caught a little Barry McGee on the wall. Not sure if it was part of a previous museum visit, but it was well hidden, and I am sure some gallery director just let it remain on the wall...

Vancouver did not offer much else, but at least you could get deals on meat.

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simulus said...

Next time you might wanna check out the Ayden Gallery.