Jun 10, 2008

from the weekend...scion and runways...

Late update from Saturday night shenanigans. Went back to the taco stand from the other night and took Nate Frizzell and Molly. We noticed a large gathering of people in the street at the Indie Collective a sort of store/gallery hybrid.

They were doing a kind of model/runway show...it was a little weird and since we were standing in the street I really felt like we were about to get run over.

From there we went to go support our friends J.Shea and Tanner Goldbeck at their big Scion Gallery show:

Lots of fun, and got some great pics, but I don't want to make this post too long. The guys priced their work extremely fairly, and even after two recent purchases I had to suck it up and grab this ridiculously cool sculpture from Joe.

Thanks Joe! Try to make it down to see their show...

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