Jun 17, 2008

seattle for a day

Spent the last week away from my computer visiting Seattle and Vancouver with some friends. Had a great day in Seattle visiting a couple of galleries and friend and artist Blaine Fontana.

Made the first stop at BLVD gallery where Bigfoot was setting up a show:

Hiding from the camera, a shy Bigfoot and I chatted about shows, galleries and the corporate world. Most people don't know, but Bigfoot was one of the founding fathers of footwear company iPath.

Next door to BLVD is one of the stalwarts of the new contemporary movement: Roq la Rue Gallery. Gallery owner Kirsten Anderson and I grabbed a great lunch down the street and discussed the past and present of this movement...

Got a couple of my guys showing with her in the next year, so it was great to see her venue in action...though there might be some big changes coming soon...

She was setting up a show as well, and was preparing for her 10 year anniversary. Very very impressive career.

One huge piece in gallery was from Robert Burden's recent show. Awesome.

More Seattle info in a bit...

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