Feb 28, 2008

kaleidoscope and color blind

So we are getting ready for a very busy March with 2 shows on the horizon. First up we will host 5 very talented female artists: Jen Corace, Rebecca Urias, Katy Horan, Allison Cole and Dan-ah Kim in "kaleidoscope" - a reference to the whimsical and folksy style of the artists.

Katy Horan

Jen Corace

Then at the end of March we have a featured show with Ken Garduno and Tom Haubrick titled "color blind" - as a reference to the fact that both Ken, Tom along with several other artists will be working almost exclusively in black and white.

Yuta Onoda

All in all, we are looking forward to a very exciting - and busy - March. Check back and I'll send more updates and images as we get artwork in.

Feb 27, 2008

obay the project:blog

Not art related, but more design today.

Funniest billboard I have seen in days...and to make Tessar happy this actually comes from Canada. Toronto even. I guess there really are some good things going on up there besides cold snow and moose.

Apparently this campaign was for the Colleges of Toronto.

Feb 26, 2008

adding friends...

So it took me a bit, but i just discovered some blogs of a few artists that are friends of the gallery. Artists Ken Garduno and Tom Haubrick - though Tom is not keeping quite as updated...

Tom Haubrick

Ken Garduno

oh..and both these guys will be featured at the end of the March in our show "Color Blind." These guys also have some super limited edition prints available with our friends: Paper Tiger

Feb 25, 2008

Fecal Matters

Congratulations to John Trippe and Fecal Face on their new
gallery launch this last weekend. I couldn't make it to SF for the opening, but you can check out photos on board FecalFace.com

Fecal Face is one of our absolute favorite arty sites and John does an amazing job curating, moderating and creating a home for emerging art. He is probably not reading this, but if he is...good luck with the new spot, it looks fantastic.

Feb 23, 2008

out of this world

We are having a little party at the gallery tonight, but in the meantime we added a new piece of Tessar's into the show titled "Cosmic Tiger." It is actually a print, but mounted on wood and coated in a super smooth resin. Pictures don't do it justice online...and its only an edition of 12. You can call the gallery to grab one, or check it out on Paper Tiger.

Show pics online tomorrow if I can get to it...

Feb 21, 2008

keep it in the family

Here is another talented young artist to check out - Asia Eng. She happens to be my cousin to boot. A recent grad from Otis, she is actually having her first show this Saturday at the Cannibal Flower in downtown LA.

If you do not know about Cannibal Flower you should definitely try to check out their events - it is a combination of artwork, music, theater and more...sometimes much more.

We will all be down there with Asia late night on Saturday...hope you can join us.

Feb 19, 2008

paper tiger!

project:gallery is working with some friends to help launch a killer new online print store: Paper Tiger.

The store will be selling limited edition artist prints and other cool stuff. Not too much up there yet, but they tell me that new prints will be added to the store every week. Check it out!

scion saturday

Sorry, its been a few days...but I did not have my camera inputs...

So here is a recap of last Saturday night. In preparation of a night at the Scion gallery we had a little bbq at Casa Le-Basse. Some yummy cheeseburgers for us and cheese sando's for Homer.

Mssrs. Ushiro, Homer, Lo, Frizzell and Ms. LeBasse enjoying food and cerveza...

To Scion we go...

The overall show was pretty fun, but at least Tessar and Edwin got some free schwag. Now they can go hiking together, or carry all of their paint supplies around.

Mrs. Freddi Cerasoli gets in on the action. Make sure you come visit Freddi and us for a Culver City block party Saturday the 23rd. The Lab 101 re-opens next door to project:gallery. Several other galleries will be open as well including Cerasoli, KinseyDesforges and CoreyHelford. Should be a fun night.

Feb 16, 2008

field trip

Yesterday was fun. Artist Daniel Lim is teaching a drawing class to a sophomore class at Otis - one of the art schools here in LA - and he brought them on a field trip to the gallery.

We work with a few Otis grads, so it was nice to meet some of the kids coming up through school right now. They had some interesting questions about how the galleries work and had some very good questions for both Tessar and Chris about their show. I am not entirely sure why they are holding up Juxtapoz issues, but who can understand the minds of america's youth...

To make it even more interesting one of our friends brought in a new piece by Aaron Horkey. If you don't know his work, go look it up. Aaron is one of the hands down illest painters out there - but seems to be shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Keep an eye on next months Juxtapoz to get a better picture of the man...

I think we are rolling to the Scion show in Culver City tonight, so come check us out if you are in town.

Feb 14, 2008

Valentines Day Love

As a tribute to St. Valentine, and Valentines Day - one of my favorite holidays (sense the sarcasm) I am posting a new painting from one of my pretty young boy banders - Nate Frizzell. This is one of the few times he has painted a portrait - seeing this I hope we see more in the future. Say hello to Molly...If you want to see the process pics of this painting visit Nate's blog.

Feb 13, 2008

speaking of murakami

Not sure if you saw this Louis Vuitton ad/cartoon/commercial, but my friend just recently sent it to me. Thought it was worth viewing...

You just have to love branding...

If you enjoy the whole luxury brand group meets fantastic artist of the people...dont miss James Jean and Prada's work together. We love James...that guys is rad.

Feb 12, 2008

sadly murakami leaves us...

Last night project:gallery was fortunate enough to team up with our friends at GenArt to sponsor the closing exhibition of Murakami at MOCA. This has honestly been one of my favorite exhibits, and I am actually very sad to see it go - if you missed it you really missed out.

Well at least we were able to get the team together and put a few drinks down in order to toast one of the most interesting artists working today. Plus it was a great opportunity to see the show in a private setting - ie. no kids and soccer moms.

Tan Tan Bo Puke - is one of my favorite works in the show. A massive piece, pictures in the catalog just don't do it justice. I felt compelled to sneak a shot of it with people so you can really get a sense of the scale and chaos of this work. This image only captures about two-thirds of it...below are Yoskay Yamamoto and Chris Devera discussing their love/hate relationship with Murakami - as in love the work, hate the feeling they will never get to work on this scale.

All in all it was a great night and a nice chance to say goodbye...

Feb 10, 2008

the opening

Tessar Lo and Chris Devera - brothers from another mother.

The show opened last night to great reviews and much fanfare...however I am too sick today to post anything worthwhile. I think we should have all the show photos online at our flickr site tomorrow...

For those that made it, thanks for coming out! If you want to see the artwork you can always visit: projectgalleryLA.com

Feb 9, 2008

wow...is that what i sound like?

randomly found an interview i did with my friend (and amazing artist) Alie Ward for Metromix...

This was shot prior to last years Culver City Artwalk. Funny...

Speaking of interviews, here is a nice one Tessar did a while ago with Illustrophile...

Feb 7, 2008

online preview...

If you caught the last post, you can see the gallery is getting ready for Saturday's show.

We just posted a preview online - so check it out if you can't make it here on Saturday. We also just added a few more installation pieces to the online preview too.

Here are a few more pics of the install getting put together by Tessar...

...and Oni watching over with a very critical eye...

See you all on Saturday.

Feb 6, 2008

movie stars...

So finally got home after setting up the gallery for this weekends show. Our friend Jeremy Asher Lynch stopped by and spent some time filming a time lapse video of us setting up. He has been working on a documentary short about Tessar's preparation for the show.

He actually just posted another very well done short on the Scrawl Collective
and their recent show at the Scion gallery. We can't wait to see what he edits together for his spot on Tessar and project: It could end up looking like anything from "Sicko" to "Flavor of Love 4" but should be revealing either way...

Here is a sneak peek of Tessar and Jeremy in the gallery this afternoon scoping out the still to be hung work.

oh, i almost forgot, if anyone made it this far you can take a look online now at the show preview.

Feb 5, 2008

fart minus f

The gallery is starting to look fresh for this weekend, so I had some time to check out our buddies at Friends United Network (FUN) and their new website fartminusf

The link above is to a great interview with artist and project: co-conspirator Derek Albeck. Derek just had his work on a Vans billboard but we love the fact that his art is continuing to evolve...

You can always see more of his work at Derek Albeck dot com

gotta love these kids...

We were in the gallery today getting ready for Tessar and Chris Devera's show this weekend, and got a surprise package in the mail (not really a surprise)...but a new young artist we have had our eye on sent us some amazing paintings. They are part of a whole "orgasm" series which made us like it even more.

update (2/14) The young artist is Yuta Onoda, a current student at Sheridan Institute in Toronto. Yuta will actually be joining us this summer, so we cannot wait to have him join the collective...both of these pieces are priced at $550 and can be purchased through the gallery.

"Libido" - 11.5" x 15"

"Farewell" - 18" x 12"

Feb 4, 2008

something to cry for

Two posts in one day!

Just a reminder about the upcoming show this Saturday night...Tessar Lo and Chris Devera both have their major debuts. From what i have seen, this show is going to be unbelievably strong for two essential first timers.

Tessar has been painting in my studio, so I have been fortunate enough to get to watch most of the creative process. Can't show you much, but here is one tease of a piece in early stages:

If you want to see more previews, email me info@projectgalleryLA.com and asked to be added to the preview list...or just come on Saturday night!

moco loco

check out a nice little review of Jophen Stein's show on Moco - one of my favorite blogs!

The last day to see his show was Saturday, but there are still some piece available online at project:gallery (dot) com