Feb 16, 2008

field trip

Yesterday was fun. Artist Daniel Lim is teaching a drawing class to a sophomore class at Otis - one of the art schools here in LA - and he brought them on a field trip to the gallery.

We work with a few Otis grads, so it was nice to meet some of the kids coming up through school right now. They had some interesting questions about how the galleries work and had some very good questions for both Tessar and Chris about their show. I am not entirely sure why they are holding up Juxtapoz issues, but who can understand the minds of america's youth...

To make it even more interesting one of our friends brought in a new piece by Aaron Horkey. If you don't know his work, go look it up. Aaron is one of the hands down illest painters out there - but seems to be shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Keep an eye on next months Juxtapoz to get a better picture of the man...

I think we are rolling to the Scion show in Culver City tonight, so come check us out if you are in town.

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