Feb 4, 2008

something to cry for

Two posts in one day!

Just a reminder about the upcoming show this Saturday night...Tessar Lo and Chris Devera both have their major debuts. From what i have seen, this show is going to be unbelievably strong for two essential first timers.

Tessar has been painting in my studio, so I have been fortunate enough to get to watch most of the creative process. Can't show you much, but here is one tease of a piece in early stages:

If you want to see more previews, email me info@projectgalleryLA.com and asked to be added to the preview list...or just come on Saturday night!


Anonymous said...

All the best to Tessar and Chris.
Wish could be there..

fav. fan

Anonymous said...

And where can you see digital version of girl sketch?

Anonymous said...

there is no digital version...