Feb 6, 2008

movie stars...

So finally got home after setting up the gallery for this weekends show. Our friend Jeremy Asher Lynch stopped by and spent some time filming a time lapse video of us setting up. He has been working on a documentary short about Tessar's preparation for the show.

He actually just posted another very well done short on the Scrawl Collective
and their recent show at the Scion gallery. We can't wait to see what he edits together for his spot on Tessar and project: It could end up looking like anything from "Sicko" to "Flavor of Love 4" but should be revealing either way...

Here is a sneak peek of Tessar and Jeremy in the gallery this afternoon scoping out the still to be hung work.

oh, i almost forgot, if anyone made it this far you can take a look online now at the show preview.

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