Feb 28, 2008

kaleidoscope and color blind

So we are getting ready for a very busy March with 2 shows on the horizon. First up we will host 5 very talented female artists: Jen Corace, Rebecca Urias, Katy Horan, Allison Cole and Dan-ah Kim in "kaleidoscope" - a reference to the whimsical and folksy style of the artists.

Katy Horan

Jen Corace

Then at the end of March we have a featured show with Ken Garduno and Tom Haubrick titled "color blind" - as a reference to the fact that both Ken, Tom along with several other artists will be working almost exclusively in black and white.

Yuta Onoda

All in all, we are looking forward to a very exciting - and busy - March. Check back and I'll send more updates and images as we get artwork in.

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Melissa Kojima said...

I can't wait to see Color Blind. I'm looking forward to it. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. Love, love, love your gallery. Any chance of hanging my work there? Take it easy.