Dec 30, 2009

Update: Melissa Haslam

Melissa Haslam is gearing up for 2010 and just sent me a study of some new work she is developing for her busy schedule next year. I can't share the other images, but I will tell you that Haslam has clearly been putting some hours in at the easel...refining her technique while working towards a photo-realistic style.

We should finally see some finished work from her this April for our SF exhibition and than in shows in LA and London. You can expect a new print from her to release early January on Paper Tiger as well.

Dec 29, 2009

Preview: Andrew Hem


Prior to the Christmas holiday weekend I had the pleasure of dropping by Andrew Hem’s studio to check on progress for his upcoming solo show this January. Hem has been working on a new body of work focused on his memory and study of his native Cambodia. The show is titled “One Leads to Another” and is driven by the mythical “Butterfly Effect” – in which the theory goes that any action creates consequences and new actions from anyone and everything around it.

In this case Hem considers the possibility of lives transformed had the Khmer Rouge never taken power in his native country. The idea is fantastically executed in his series of dark blue hued paintings – where a sense of the emotional resonance behind each central figure and the detailed environments behind them is evoked at first glance.

Hem is still working on a series of sculptures that will balance the new paintings and I expect it to be an incredible body of work all around. For more preview images visit my blog on:

Andrew Hem
‘One Leads to Another’
LeBasse Projects
Saturday January 16th, 7-10pm

Dec 28, 2009

Tessar Lo Update

Tessar Lo just posted a beautiful recap of his 2009...its a great illustrated look into the life of a very talented young artist. Tessar will be opening his next solo show at Toronto's Show and Tell Gallery this February so keep your eyes peeled as we are all looking forward to his new work.

Dec 11, 2009

Video: Scott Belcastro preview

Scott Belcastro "Chasing the last Glimpse of Light" Preview from Jeremy Asher Lynch .

Thanks to Jeremy Lynch for sending over another great video teaser of December's solo exhibition for Scott Belcastro.

Dec 8, 2009

Opening Saturday: Scott Belcastro and Linda Kim

This Saturday December 12th we will be hosting the first US solo exhibition for Scott Belcastro, as well as the debut exhibit for recent Art Center graduate Linda Kim. I just posted both of their previews online:

LeBasse Projects

More details here soon...