Sep 16, 2008

more on mr. hirst

Damien Hirst 's auctioned just opened and has already exceeded the initial estimate of $112M and blown out to reach over $126 million. There are still two more days of sale to get through, but the prize pieces have all closed.

Here are some images of the work from inside Hirst's studio prior to the Sotheby's auction:

"Anatomy of an Angel"

and a view of several pieces.

"Aurothioglucose" the first time Hirst's spot paintings have been seen on gold. Apparently he is digging the bling, as the "Golden Calf" piece was encased in a giant gold plated vitrine.

My favorite piece "The Kingdom" sold several million over expected estimate and closed at a meager $17.2 million. I should have thrown down a bid...

...and the "Golden Calf" selling UNDER estimate at only $17.9 million.

So to recap: Dow Jones down 500 points, and the US markets falling apart around us. Contemporary Art market...selling high. Lesson? Buy some Tessar Lo or Nate Frizzell paintings right now....before the Sotheby's auction.

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