Sep 9, 2008

have to love this guy

Great article in Time Magazine about "bad boy" artist Damien Hirst. Hirst is gearing up for a massive sale of his work at Sotheby's instead of the traditional gallery. The art world is a-buzz...

Damien Hirst: Bad Boy Makes Good

For more than a decade Damien Hirst has been one of the richest and most famous artists in the world. All the same, when you sit down with him, he still seems surprised by it. "I grew up with quite an impoverished background," he says. "I didn't see any possibility that I would ever get paid for doing anything 
 I enjoyed." Hirst tells me this one rainy afternoon in July at one of his many studios. This one is in Stroud, a rural town in Gloucestershire, about two hours' drive west of London. When he says this I think immediately about the bull in the next room, which I'm pretty sure he enjoyed coming up with, and very sure he's about to be paid for. A lot, actually

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I think i might need one of those "spin" painting skulls.

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