Sep 16, 2008

Hunt and Gather with Tessar Lo

Atticus Gallery Director Tina Ziegler just posted this interview with Tessar Lo. Nice read and insight into Tessar's work.

Hunt and Gather Interview with Tessar Lo:

Tessar Lo is just a down right nice guy; maybe it’s the Canadian in him that gives him such a strong appeal and that soft character. Tessar is the type of guy you could just sit around and chat about life with for hours, and that’s exactly what we did for this interview. Tessar Lo was born in Indonesia, he moved to Toronto, Canada to start a new life and just over a year ago he has settled in Downtown Los Angeles, California in a studio-loft which he shares with the rest of the Project Gallery boys.
(Left: Changing)

TZ: So are you planning on settling in the LA area?
Tessar: I’m not one for permanence, things change all the time. I’m all about change, about progression, who knows where I will be in a few years from now. I do know I want to remain in close contact with everyone I have met out here. If and when I get out of LA, I know I will have learned a lot from the people I’ve met, there are some great people in Los Angeles.

TZ: How did you get involved with Project: Gallery?
Tessar: I actually graduated last year and I was really fortunate to be featured on Fecal Face. Beau (owner and director of Project: Gallery) called me and had me send out some pieces to try and sell, which turned out to do well. I was also doing a show with Fecal Face in San Francisco, so he came up and kind of gave me the run down on LA. He has done a lot to bring me out here and accommodate my needs, so I’m with Project so I can help accommodate his needs as a gallery owner and as a business.

TZ: It definitely seems it has been a great move for your art career; the Project team has grown to receive international attention. So you feel confident at the moment with your direction?
Tessar: Yeah definitely, Beau has really helped all of us develop as artists. He is really encouraging and keeps me in check. He is not like most, he lets us do whatever we feel like doing, so as painters we feel confident we can really shine, it gives us a fresh and honest attitude to our work and we can really discover who we are as artists.

To read the rest go to Hunt and Gather.

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