Aug 1, 2008

the infamous roman cho

Stopped by my friend Roman's studio this afternoon. He and partner Tatiana Wills are photographing a series of artists for a soon to be released book "heroes and villains." Liz McGrath featured below...

Roman is an amazing photographer, but I had no idea how particular he was...and its definitely a trait i would like to see in more artists. Case in point:
What do we see here? Inside the SF Shooting Gallery exhibition of Roman and Tatiana's H&V show?

Or is it inside the CHG exhibition in LA?

No. Its Roman's scale model of both galleries. You don't see them, but my man rocked little to-scale people and furniture to match what was in the gallery. All i can say is that i was very impressed with his attention to detail - and it was no wonder the 2 shows looked so perfect.

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