Aug 15, 2008

8 Bit

After Royal/T we made our way past a massive line and to "i am 8bit" where we were greeted by Derek Puleston and Jon Gibson - the co-curators of the madness.

Jon and Derek did an amazing job setting up a real spectacle of a show. Games, installations, media was nutso.

Nate Frizzell got all pretty, but became a real diva about not having his make-up person on hand for his interview. He calmed down a bit after selling yet another one of his recent pieces.

Intern Martha - so well behaved at Royal/T - started in on the Colt 45.

Team project: really lit it up last night for the show. The whole team sold out - Yoskay, Scott, Nate, Tessar, Nimit, Yuta and even intern Dom. I am so proud of my kids!

More Colt 45 madness...and even more surprisingly we got a smile out of Scott Belcastro. Everyone was havinng so much fun even wifey decided to get in the picture.

On the way out we realized the 8 bit girls started to get a little extra frisky. Nice show Jon!

I can't guarantee this kind of madness, but we have a F.U.N. show in store tomorrow night, so come say hi in the gallery or check it out online:

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t e s s a r * said...

oh what madness this was.