Aug 23, 2008


Friday night was the "Crazy for Cult" show at our friend Jensen's Gallery 1988. Started off with the traditional hot wing dinner across the street where we could watch the huge line slowly make its way into the gallery.

Fortunately we were on the "cut the line" list. Once inside we spent a few minutes trying to check out the show.

Nate Frizzell admiring something, and a stencil of Tessar Lo behind him on the wall.

Wifey and Kim attempt to determine what cult movies some pieces are inspired by. Yoskay Yamamoto looking awed behind them. Yosk had a great piece inspired by Akira - which I recently had watched inside the Vancouver Art Gallery a few posts back.

Luke Chueh's Monty Python inspired piece. Probably one of my favorites, only because its one of my favorite movies.

Thomas Han and friend.

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