Aug 29, 2008

fresh faces

We are getting ready for our annual "fresh faces" show that will open Saturday the 6th. Every year we like to pick four young artists and showcase them in their first big show.
Last year we trotted out Edwin Ushiro, Nate Frizzell, Rebecca Urias and Derek Albeck. This year we bring a Canadian quartet of Nimit Malavia, Yuta Onoda, Dominique Fung and Martha Chan. They were all recently in the "i am 8-bit" show and sold out quickly...

These emerging painters are still defining their styles, but clearly have bright futures.

Yuta Onoda "Rise" 24" x 36"

and below, one of Nimit Malavia's contributions to the show.

This show should be a great look at some future art stars. Let us know if you want to be on the preview list.

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spencer said...

Looking forward to seeing this a lot.