Jul 17, 2008

SDCC update

I don't suppose everyone is going to Comic con next week, but it seems like every other person is there. So if you ARE attending, we want to let you know that some of the project: team will be out getting famous.

Yoskay Yamamoto will have daily signing sessions at the Munky King booth, but he is not the only one.

Tessar Lo, Nate Frizzell and Scott Belcastro will be releasing new prints and signing Thursday afternoon at the Munky King booth as well. Tessar's print below is from the Beasts 2 book (thanks spencer) :

Don't miss the Munky King party thursday night either! Yoskay and Scott will be live painting with some other artists.

Yoskay and Edwin Ushiro also will be signing at the Hi Fructose Magazine booth as well. Check local listings for times...more info coming...

1 comment:

Spencer Lee said...

Cool news, pity I am about 5 thousand miles away :(

That print pictured is from the forthcoming Beasts 2 book BTW, but both images are amazing!

All the best, Spencer