Jul 29, 2008

sdcc day 2

Yes, I realize SDCC is over, but I only have time for one post a day...

We just restarted the hidden art project, by hitting up the wall in our room at the W Hotel. Penthouse suite on the 19th floor if you ever visit.

They have these great blackboards, and we left some great work hidden behind it.

It was beautiful in SD over the weekend, and we spent some time outside the convention center drinking margarita's with our friend Method Man. Meth certainly agrees that project:gallery is number 1, although he was very disappointed we did not save a koibito for him.

Friday evening we went to visit subtext for a show Nate, Yoskay and Tessar were included in. The guys customized a set of Yoka vinyl toys. More on the show here:

Tessar and Erika (the mastermind behind the earlier wall drawings...) at subtext.

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Anonymous said...

yesss... it was alll erika.