Jul 30, 2008


I did not share this with everyone, but our photog friend Bil was doing a little private shoot at the Mr. Brainwash exhibit last week, and he let Edwin Ushiro and I tag along.

This show got all kinds of crazy hype, and certainly had some mixed reviews - but I had skipped it so far, and was happy to go visit without anyone else around.

We spent a few minutes chatting with Mr. B himself, as he rolled around on his tricycle...

Bil shooting the quite large exhibit. I will say that the show was impressive in scale, though i really doubt how much Mr.B actually did himself. I am sure there are better critique's online, but it seemed to me Mr.B took the best of other street artists (Banksy, Blek le Rat, Fairey, Walker...) and appropriated their style in not as good a fashion. I am sure this was probably part of the joke on us though...

That being said - it was a very extensive setup. I just didn't get the same feeling of awe I got from Banksy's 2006 show in LA. Maybe because nothing seemed original?

Edwin and I got some quality reading time in while we waited for Bil though...

Representing the Westside and Vincent van G.

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