Mar 17, 2008

weekend artiness

A little bit of a late post, but we had a pretty fun filled Saturday night of art cruising. Started off at the new Cerasoli Gallery to check out a great show from a Canadian (eh?) artist Theresa Sapergia. If I had some coin and a lot of wall space, I would be all over her work.

Pretty easy to see why...and I actually am pretty sure my fiance would dig it too. Nothing beats scale.

Theresa and gallery owner Freddi Cerasoli...

From Cerasoli we cruised over to Taylor de Cordoba to see another great show from Claire Oswalt. If you have time, go see this show, at a very nicely run gallery I might add (they stole Jeana Sohn from me, but I still like them)

From TdC to GR2 and their group show themed on the Chinese calendar Year of the Rat. Pretty tough to follow 2 great shows, but there were a few slick pieces in the GR show...including an always awesome Deth P. Sun. That guys paintings always seem to put a smile on my face.

...even when its just a sketch.

Enough artiness, as an ode to Mikey S. - we cover food. Hurry Curry of Tokyo, a Sawtelle institution, where one member of our party was creeping out our waitress. She insisted she wouldn't come outside to serve us because of the "cold" but I am pretty sure it was the creepy stares she was getting.

...and no it was not this stare...

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t e s s a r * said...

hahaha, yeah- scott man, he was being a real creep. love it.