Mar 4, 2008

busy busy week

Almost too much going on down at the project:gallery this week.

First we have a killer show on Saturday. The work is in and I am having a hard time deciding on my favorite - not that I would tell you. Katy Horan has an amazing large piece - not even sure I have seen work from her that big. Dan-ah Kim totally blew me away, as her mixed media pieces are just beautiful. Rebecca Urias finally hooked up some frames that truly set her pieces off - but we knew her pieces would be great - as they always are. Allison Cole rocked some crazy paper cuts - you have to see these to believe! No sneak peeks yet, have to wait til Thursday preview.

Phew...number 2 - the boys are doing a live paint at Munky King Melrose Thursday night. Should be lots of fun, as there will be music and beverages. Sadly no original work for sale - but there will be some new prints. Here's an old pic of Yoskay painting with no sleeves. He prefers to use his appendages as a palette - so any time you can watch him paint its fun.

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yoskay said...

what's an appendage....?