Mar 24, 2008

flick this

Friday afternoon we had a new webstore called Shopflick in to shoot some footage about the gallery and our artists. A really nice crew brought a whole bunch of equipment only question was why we didn't have catering, wardrobe and makeup people?

Yoskay and Scott were a little nervous to get in front of the camera

I am not entirely sure Yosk understood what they were asking him, as he kept asking us for answers. In the end I think he pulled it off marvelously, and got to hype up his upcoming solo show in May. The exec producer was even ready to buy a piece Yoskay brought in to preview for us...

We finished the day with more filming at the studio where Nate demonstrated his typing skills.

All in all it was a very nice and lazy Friday afternoon. I will make sure to post the interviews when they are all complete...

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