Jul 14, 2009

Tessar Lo on Erratic Phenomena

Tessar Lo recently moved back to Toronto but has certainly kept up his evolution as an artist. Our friend Amanda recently covered Lo's change in direction quite eloquently on her blog Erratic Phenomena.

An excerpt:

"In his latest body of work, Tessar is reaching for a looser aesthetic, trying to see with a child's eye and a naive heart. One could say he's trying to get lost as an artist – to break loose from the habits and preconceptions of the past and find a new path around which to construct his dreamlike themes of transformation and desire. This exploration involves an element of improvisation, which is inherently risky in an art movement wedded to the idea of the unique "brand" or "style," though it is accepted and even lauded at the higher end of the contemporary art market."

Read the rest here:

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