Jul 13, 2009

Opening Reception: David Flores and Lisa Alisa

We are looking forward to opening a new show this weekend with a pair of our old favorites, David Flores and Lisa Alisa...

“A Distorted Lens”
New work from David Flores and Lisa Alisa

July 18th – August 8th
Artist reception: Saturday, July 18th, 7-10pm

Los Angeles, CA – LeBasse Projects is proud to announce, A Distorted Lens, a two-artist exhibition featuring gallery artists David Flores and Lisa Alisa. Both artists have worked with the gallery since the first group show hosted by director Beau Basse in 2005. Coming full circle, the artists are each presenting new bodies of work to open the summer season at LeBasse Projects’ new gallery.

While each artist works in a very “Superflat” style they each have very different cultural influences. In his first Los Angeles show since 2006, Flores delivers all new artwork that embodies his unique interpretation of pop iconography. In addition to his paintings he has embellished dozens of vintage fashion, music and news magazine spreads with his vision of the world around him. Flores’ stained-glass window style creates a warped view of the pop icons he simultaneously idolizes and mocks.

Lisa Alisa also follows the superflat style laid out by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, although her work tends to have much more obvious bite. Generally featuring thinly veiled self-portraits, her paintings are what she refers to as “new feminist” artwork. While bloody and violent, the paintings are a metaphor for both the brutality of life and the desire for change within the artist herself. There's a thick vein of dark, surreal humor running through the images

The pair both paint in the “superflat” style, but have clearly found their own voices in making their individual commentary on society. Alisa is openly shouting her feminist views while Flores’ work is subtly, but undeniably masculine. Together Alisa and Flores reflect both sides of the sexual dynamic that rages between men and women.

For more info email: contact@lebasseprojects.com

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