Apr 14, 2008


We had plans to visit a couple of shows this weekend, but one pretty much stood out. The grand opening of Royal/T a new store/cafe/museum/gallery in Culver City a few blocks away from project:

Owned by Susan Hancock, a relative newcomer to the fine art world, Royal/T is a converted warehouse space that Ms. Hancock has turned into an amazing showcase of her personal collection. A collection that includes Takashi Murakami, Yoshitomo Nara, Aya Takano and many more very impressive works...

Above: a series of Nara's "little sleepwalkers" dreamily cruising below a huge Aya Takano.
Below: New starting Center's for the NY Knicks, Hustler of Culture - Souris, and the soon to be Mrs. Christine LeBasse

above: a huge plush Murakami Guardian
below: The damn maid/dealer that kept plying us with espresso martini's...that kept me up til about 3am.

In addition to a very extensive collection of Japanese pop art, Ms. Hancock had a section of the wall adorned with huge photos of CosPlay kids from Tokyo.

To go along with the whole Harajuku/Cosplay theme, all of the waitresses for the evening - and for the cafe when it opens, will be dressed as french maids. Somehow I think Royal/T will be a popular spot for team project:

below: Artists Tessar Lo and Yoskay Yamamoto chatting up one of the french maids that were serving food and beverages all night.

We had fully intended to visit several shows that night, but Royal/T was just so ridiculously awesome - yes awesome - we had to stay to shut it down. If you missed the opening, they are open weekly, so make sure to swing down!


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yoskay said...

bugga ballin'!!!!!

edwinushiro said...

dam'n I missed it. Oh well. Glad you guys had a blast.

MARILLA said...

oh~ I want to go..........!!!! cute girls! I want to put the costume too... ah~ NARAYOSHITOMO!! is my favorite one!!!