Apr 26, 2008

getting ready...for Y squared

Yoskay Yamamoto that is...

I really cannot wait to hang Yoskay's show this week. It does not seem like it but, it has been almost a year since we hosted Yoskay and Ogi's two man show. Now Yoskay takes the big leap with a solo, and really the FIRST solo show at project:gallery for any artist.

The pressure is on, but I have a feeling Yoskay is up for it...keep your eyes peeled, the online preview is coming soon! Email me if you want to be added to the list (info@projectgalleryLA.com)

Here is a little write up on Startdrawing.com about Yoskay with images from some older work. I cannot believe how far he has progressed as an artist both in technical ability and in his strong narrative.

See you all on May 3rd!

1 comment:

Yuta said...

this one looks truly amazing.
I can't wait to see yoskay's work in person!!