Jan 17, 2008

yoskay and frizzell go to Washington...

...DC that is!

Both Yoskay and Nate are in a show this weekend at ArtWhino in DC. We just sent the paintings out Monday, but both guys sent some rad new paintings. Yes, rad.

They got invited by Shane at ArtWhino, who seems to be putting together some pretty big shows in DC. No one else out there, so its good somebody is bringing this emerging art scene to a big city.

Here are some samples of the guys work:

Nate Frizzell

Yoskay Yamamoto

They actually did a collaboration too:

If you want more info on the paintings just hit me up: info@projectgalleryLA.com or check them out at: artwhino


edwinushiro said...

wholly shieet, you do have a blog! Would be cool to see what the boys sent out. Keep us guessing thou.

amy said...

i love seeing other artists collaborating with each other.