Jan 11, 2008

first re-post: stan lee and me...sort of.

so the boys and i headed to check out the stan lee tribute at 1988. Yoskay, Tessar and Nate all had pieces in the show and it was a good chance to see how some of the young turks work showed in a giant group show.

but before we went, we had to stop and get the 50 hot wing special across the street. after 48...here's bonano looking sick:

1988 was packed, we didn't even really see stan the man as he was being mobbed by fanboys. nate was trying to get a peek and wondering why stan didn't recognize him.

the rest of the show was just too crowded, and then it got too hot, so i had to go home. i'm a crotchety old man, what do you want me to do? plus the hot wings were kicking in.

if you can make sure to check out the show though. tons of great paintings, especially this one:

yoskay yamamoto : raijin
you should go buy this if it isn't already sold...


Anonymous said...

love it!

Sheryl said...

Double love it!

nate said...

That Thor is probably manliest Thor of all the Thors.

jking said...

yum! i love wings