Dec 8, 2010

December Artist Update

LBP artist are keeping busy this month. Nate Frizzell, on the heels of his solo exhibition, just painted another work for a show at The Hundreds which will be showcased along with work from some great artists.

Yoskay Yamamoto just released an amazing piece of functional art in the form of a limited edition porcelain teacup. You should order one here right now.

We are also getting ready for a very busy January here at the gallery. On January 8th we will be previewing work from some of the artists showing here in 2011 and then later in the month we will be hosting an exhibition featuring the work of Korean Contemporary artists - many showing in the US for the first time.

Andrew Hem will also be featured at the LA Art Show, painting a 12' x 12' canvas as part of the LA Art Machine's exhibit at the fair.

Recently Melissa Haslam was featured as part of publisher Curvy's exhibit in Sydney. They made some oversize banners for the exhibit in which we can see Haslam's work in scale.

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