Sep 8, 2010

Shows: Herakut @ LeBasse Projects 9.18

‘Hope’s Reply’
New work from Herakut

September 18th – October 31st 2010
Artist reception: Saturday, September 18th, 7-10p

Los Angeles, CA – German art duo Herakut and LeBasse Projects proudly present ‘Hope’s Reply.’ The exhibition features 10 new canvas mixed media paintings showcasing Herakut's unique style and aesthtics.

German artists Hera and Akut have been operating under the name of Herakut since 2004, when they began producing collaborative pieces in the burgeoning street art scene.

The visual and textual content of their work is an insightful expression of their generation's mental state. Much of their subject matter involves narrative and character studies involving multilayered textual explorations. Herakut are masters of creating independent, self-contained worlds full of melancholy and profound humor and in doing so, they see themselves as a part of an overall cultural movement, without any artistic barriers between a wide array of mediums, be it drawing, text, music or film.

Through the strength of their work, coupled with the demand for their unique style, Herakut are now regarded as some of the most exciting contemporary artists working today. Their ability to work seamlessly both on the street and in a gallery setting has only added to their collector base.

‘Hope’s Reply’ is a response to their huge installations and Herakut will go in an opposite direction with a smaller number of more finished canvases. The new work is heavily layered and collaged and will be displayed in a more ‘white walls’ style exhibition where the work can no doubt be appreciated for its intricate detailing.

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