Aug 4, 2009

Interview: Edwin Ushiro

LBP artist Edwin Ushiro is hard at work preparing his next body of work which will be opening our Fall season this September 12th. He did take a few minutes away from painting for a great interview on "A Thousand Stories." Here is an excerpt:

....Tell me a story from your childhood. A vivid one. A startling one. Are you willing to recount all the details?

One afternoon in his studio, Edwin Ushiro did. He brought to life each child that appeared in a large, unfinished piece of work—pointing them out to me, clearly remembering all of them by name. And they each had a story.

Let him tell you a story.

“Storytelling is so much part of society, you know? Like with the drawings in the dark cave. When a young child comes of age, where he becomes a man, they would take him into the cave and look at the drawings and you would kind of realize where your place is,
you know?”

Edwin’s expressions came slowly, deliberately. As if only a few very particular words or phrases were the ones to spur his incredible imagination, and then conversation. Such a vivid mind. Focused. Thoughts deep in folklore and myth....

Read the full interview here:

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