Jun 1, 2009

Artwalk 2009 at LBP

Saturday was the 4th Annual Culver City Artwalk and our 1st year participating in the new gallery. With a much larger space tha last year, we still managed to fill the gallery with walkers, baby-strollers and dogs. We also had a new show on view with work from gallery represented artists like Nate Frizzell, Edwin Ushiro, Tessar Lo and Yoskay Yamamoto, alog with work from some new artists to the gallery like Thomas Doyle, Morgan Slade, Alexandros Vasmoulakis and Joe Black.

Joe Black show stopper...

Joe Black show stopper...

Some of the new faces created some real showstoppers. Joe Black’s 2000 button collage was creating a bottleneck all day into the back rooms, and we were forced to post interns to protect Thomas Doyle’s sculptures from the hands of eager children and their equally enthralled parents.

Al the new work should get posted online this week for those of you unable to make the Walk…otherwise just drop in to the gallery this month and see it for yourself or visit DailyduJour for more photos.

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