Apr 6, 2009

Tessar Lo interview

Our friend Amanda just posted this very insightful interview with Tessar Lo, just in time for his first solo exhibition this weekend.

Via Commandax' blog:

Those of you who follow along here may recall that last summer I became entranced by a Tessar Lo painting of some sort of epiphany on a starry summer night. Since then, I've had the good fortune to get to know Tessar pretty well, and we've had many a conversation about his work and philosophy.

One thing that distinguishes Tessar from many of his contemporaries is that he's dead serious about challenging himself to grow as an artist. "I am against working with a formula where images and ideas are readily accepted," Tessar once wrote. "When something is comfortable, it is dead – an image that challenges and draws is alive." In my opinion, that tenet should be a provocation to the viewer as well – as an artist's work evolves, our perception of it naturally must expand and mature.

"Up" and "Down"

Paul Gauguin said, "I shut my eyes in order to see." The best paintings show us not what can be observed visually, but rather the ephemeral yet universal ideas that arise in the realm of senses, emotions, dreams and visions, beyond the reach of the camera's lens. At its best, Tessar's work touches on the unknown and unknowable, sketches into being the nebulous reaches of the soul, and kindles the coals of buried memory. "I want my work to stand for the things that lie deep within each of us," Tessar said. "My work should be the fears and hopes of those looking at it, should tell people something about themselves."

For the rest of the interview visit: Erratic Phenomena

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